Are you tired of the diet-crave-binge cycle? Are you ready for something radically new?

I couldn't lose the weight until I found a way to eat ALL the foods I love. And I couldn't find a way to eat ALL the foods I love until I figured out there are physical, mental and emotional food cravings.

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Are you frustrated that after years of dieting, you're still struggling with your weight?

Are you fed up with food cravings controlling you, instead of you controlling them?

Do you think you have to give up the foods you love to lose your weight?

What if you didn't?

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"Irene is a great weight loss coach...When she told me I should still eat foods I craved, I told her there was no way...I started to have cravings for sweets and scared me until Irene helped me work them into my eating, so I don't feel deprived...I weighed 198 pounds... It's been four years since I lost the weight and I still weigh 125 pounds."

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