This book contradicts most of what you’ve
ever read about how to lose weight.

There are so many rules around what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat – rules even the alleged experts can’t agree on.  It’s confusing and frustrating.
How many years have you spent trying to follow the rules of one diet or
another in your attempts to lose weight and keep it off?
Diet-Free Weightloss Coach, Irene Jorgensen spent four years to become a Nutritionist and over twenty years to become an expert in food cravings.  Depriving herself of the foods she loves will always make her binge on them. Always.

In this enlightening book filled with engaging personal
and client stories Irene shows you: 

* The 3 Secrets to Diet-Free Weight Loss that have nothing to do with exercise, nothing to do with what you should eat, and nothing to do with what you shouldn’t eat.

* The 7 Dangerous Traps many dieters fall into that keep them forever struggling with their weight and what to do to avoid them.

*  The 5 Diet-Free Eating Guidelines to clear your cravings and lose weight without giving up any of the foods you love.

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“Loved this easy to digest, ground-breaking book!”

“This book is not only a pleasure to read, it’s a book that explains why pleasure (not pain) is crucial to weight-loss. This is great news! One of my favourite lines in the book was: “I believe it’s wrong to deny yourself the foods that are just pure pleasure to eat. It’s like saying, “I don’t deserve pleasure.” For me, this philosophy is both eye-opening and life-saving. I won’t berate myself again for eating chocolate!Supported by easy-to-understand science, this is a new way of managing food that centres on you being good to yourself. Irene Jorgensen explains what food cravings and bingeing actually are and both surprised me. I learned why eating all the foods I love is the ONLY way to lose weight. But that’s not all. She helps you understand why it’s important to feel your emotions and then how to break free from the destructive emotions that are connected to food. I’m not only looking at food in a whole new way, I’m excited to find a way of eating that means no guilt nor broken promises to myself. Potato chips and chocolate, here I come!”


Sharon B