◆Gone Off Your New Year’s Diet? Binge Trap #1 The Low-Calorie Belief Trap–Part 1◆

Every year, for years and years, my New Year’s Resolution was to lose weight. And for years and years, I kept falling into ★The Low-Calorie Belief Trap★ and couldn’t lose the weight.

 ★ The Low-Calorie Belief Trap is the belief that if you can just stick to your low-calorie diet, you can outwit your body with willpower and lose the weight.

How many years have you tried to lose weight on a low calorie diet?

Have you blamed yourself, blamed your lack of willpower?

If you believe it’s your lack of willpower causing you to go off a low-calorie diet and binge—stay tuned because it’s not.

The Story Of The Downfall Of Miss All-Together (The one who has no issues with food)

Imagine someone who has it all together. She does not have any issues with food. Emotionally, she’s solid and stable. She’s figured out the secret to her happiness and is living the life of her dreams. She’s gotten rid of every single piece of emotional childhood baggage. (I don’t really know anyone like this, but hey, play along with me here.)

She NEVER eats emotionally, even when she’s stressed. She doesn’t know the calorie counts of any foods. She’s oblivious to what some of the rest of us go through with cravings because she never gets food cravings. She has never been on a diet and she would never go on a diet because she’s happy with her weight.

But let’s say Miss All-Together decides to go on a tropical cruise. One night after a delicious meal she falls overboard. She manages to swim to a deserted island a couple of miles away and crawls onto the shore. Exhausted, she falls asleep in the sand.

The next morning, she wakes up hungry, just like every other morning. But there’s no kitchen, no cupboard full of food. She must scrounge for food. She finds a banana tree, but the bananas are too high for her to reach. A chattering monkey in the tree tosses her a couple of bananas (just keep playing along with me here). She eats the bananas. She tries to get the monkey to throw her more bananas, but he scampers off.

She keeps searching for food. At lunch time, she finds a few nuts and uses a lot of energy smashing them open with a rock. She gobbles down the nuts. The afternoon drags on as she continues her search for food. She’s excited when she sees a tropical version of a squirrel eating berries from a small bush. Assuming they’re not poisonous, she shoos the animal away and picks the bush clean of berries.

By dinner time, visions of macaroni and cheese, pizza, and fried chicken are dancing through her head. For the first time ever, she experiences strong food cravings.

She’s been hit with physical food cravings because she is not getting enough food.

(Physical food cravings are those cravings your body sends you out of its basic need to survive. They are the cravings that have nothing to do with emotional overeating.)

She keeps wandering and searching for food. She doesn’t find any.

Later that evening, she finds her way back to where she’d come ashore. To her delight there’s a small group of people who’ve boated to the island for a picnic. They agree to take her to civilization when they’ve finished their picnic. They offer her fried fish and biscuits. She eats three times as much as she normally would. In other words, she binges. She can’t stop eating even when she’s had enough.

Whether you are marooned on a deserted island and there isn’t enough food or whether you choose to go on a low-calorie diet, your body can’t tell the difference.

Your body does not care about your desire to lose weight. It cares about getting enough food.

If you aren’t getting enough calories, your body goes into survival mode and it will hit you with powerful physical food cravings. And you will probably binge.

It’s the extra food that causes the weight gain, not what you eat—but, how much you eat. So, the trick is to avoid overeating.

Nutrition Fact: Our bodies need fuel. That fuel comes from the CALORIES in the food we eat.

In our desperate need to lose weight, we’ve forgotten about our built-in hunger mechanism. A hunger trigger is as real as the other parts of us that tell us when we’re tired and need to sleep, or when we need to use the bathroom.

There are many reasons why we might binge. Not enough calories is one of those reasons. Make sure your body gets enough calories, so you no longer fall into The Low-Calorie Belief Trap.

►Stay tuned for my next post on how many calories the average woman needs–even if she were to stay in bed for 24 hours without moving. It’s more than you think!

Here’s to avoiding all the binge traps!

Irene Jorgensen

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Published on January 19, 2018






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