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Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment CoachDiet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Fasting. Dieting. 'Healthy Eating.' None of it worked.


"I hate fat. If you gain even 5 pounds, I'll dump you."

 Hi there, it’s Irene Jorgensen here.

These days when I get a food craving, I have the tools to get rid of the cravings without giving up ANY of the foods I love. 

But it wasn’t always that way for me.

It was April, 1990. I was about to graduate from a four-year university program in Food & Nutrition 20 pounds heavier than when I first started the program. Talk about feeling humiliated. 

In my first year, after I'd learned how to create healthy eating plans, the extra pounds practically fell off  overnight. And for the next two years, I didn't binge. Not once. I talk about how that happened in my book Clear Your Cravings; 3 Secrets To Diet-Free Weight Loss (It's Not What You Think). 

However, in my last year of school in Food & Nutrition the urge to binge hit me over and over again. And every time, I reminded myself of what I’d said the last time I’d binged. “I will never eat chips and dip again.”

But at the thought of never eating chips and dip again, I'd sink into a familiar pit of despair. And the only way out was through a family-sized bag of chips, a container of dip and a glass of cola. 

And I'd binge. 

And then once again, I'd repeat the now-familiar mantra; “I will never eat chips and dip again.”

Until the next time, when the urge to binge hit me again, and I couldn't fight it. 

It took me four years to get my degree in nutrition. It took me over 30 years to learn about the deepest roots of food cravings.

What I didn’t know then that I know now.


1) Diets don't work and never will work for me.

2) Depriving myself of the foods I love will always make me binge on them. ALWAYS!

3) My emotional food cravings are directly connected to my inner power.


I’ve lived through the despair of compulsive overeating and the going from feeling thin to feeling fat in the space of a heartbeat without one bite of food. For years, I had food cravings so intense, it felt like an alien possessed me, and I was its personal puppet-on-a-string.

Until I got weight loss empowered and found my way out of emotional food cravings. 

And if I can do it, so can you.

So how did I lose the weight?

My path to becoming a professional Diet-Free Weight Loss Coach and an expert in getting to the root of food cravings started (although I didn’t know it then) when an ex-boyfriend said,

“I hate fat. If you gain even five pounds, I’ll dump you.”

At the time, I was a size 2 (at 5'6"). 

Yes, I know, I should have told his shallow highness to move out. But not only did we live in his apartment, but I also believed my worth hinged on what I weighed. 

I lost more weight. (As it turned out, I couldn’t get thin enough to feel good enough.)

Going on a diet always, ALWAYS, makes me binge. Banning foods “on” any kind of a healthy eating plan means I WILL get “off’”and binge. Counting points, calories or grams of anything will always make me binge. 

I finally figured out there are physical food cravings, mental food cravings and emotional food cravings.

And there’s a way to deal with each of them. I go into much more depth about these three types of food cravings in my Clear Your Cravings book.

What lights me up about my work is how it transforms lives; when my clients get that part of the pleasure in life is eating the food they love; when they’ve become weigh loss empowered, stop the battle with food and start living a life filled with more joy and enthusiasm. That is what I love.

What sets me apart as a unique weight loss coach is that I’m a nutritionist who believes in diet-free weight loss, and I'm a Food Cravings Expert that shows my clients how to lose weight by activating their weight loss power with my step-by-step system. 

If you're tired of dieting and you're looking for a Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach who has a step-by-step system to help guide and show you how to lose weight without giving up the foods you love, you’ve come to the right place.

The next step to weight loss empowerment is to get clear on what blocks you at each of the five levels, which is why I encourage you to email me at and request a free copy of The Weight Loss Empowerment Clarity Quiz

This is an in-depth report with statements you rate to determine what blocks your weight loss power. It has a value of $197. Therefore, I am only making it available for those who email me directly for a copy, because, it comes with a complimentary one hour follow-up clarity session and it is a limited time offer. 

After you complete The Weight Loss Empowerment Clarity Quiz, please email me to book a complimentary, no pressure Clear Your Cravings Clarity Session, where I will: 

  • Answer questions you may have about your weight loss empowerment clarity quiz. 
  • Help  you uncover at least one hidden challenge that sabotages your weight loss efforts.
  • Identify  your next steps to take toward weight loss empowerment. 

Looking forward to your success,

Irene Jorgensen

Irene’s Qualifications:

  • One year Coach Mentorship With Margaret Lynch Raniere
  • Graduate of Margaret Lynch Raniere's certified Ignite Your Power Process
  • Rhys Thomas Life Mastery Training Program
  • Graduate of Margaret Lynch Raniere's certified Tapping Into Wealth Coaching Program
  • Graduate of Master EFT Practitioner Carol Look’s Abundance Intensive Coaching Program
  • Honours Bachelor of Applied Science in Food & Nutrition, Ryerson University
  • Certificate of Professional Development in Eating Disorders, St. Michael’s College, University of Toronto
  • Completed Workshops & Courses:
    • Derek Rydall: Shadow Dancing
    • Rockstar Transformation Program: Margaret Lynch
    • Christian Mickelsen: Rapid Coaching Academy
    • Brittany Watkins: Think & Thin
    • Carol Look, Master EFT Practitioner: Weight Loss With EFT
    • Carol Look, Master EFT Practitioner: Getting To Clarity
    • Jessica Ortner, The Tapping Solution: Weight Loss & Body Confidence
    • Geneen Roth: The NEW Breaking Free Workshop
    • Geneen Roth: Reflections & Revelations Retreat
    • Geneen Roth: Take Back Your Life Workshop
    • Gabor Mate & Janice Berger: The Wisdom of The Body