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Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment CoachDiet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

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Brenda Before The Weight Loss

Brenda Before The Weight Loss

Brenda Before The Weight Loss


Ten years ago, I became borderline diabetic and my doctor put me on pills for high cholesterol.


Funny though, it wasn’t the high cholesterol or the scare of diabetes that made me want to lose weight. One day, I really looked at myself in the mirror and decided to lose weight because I weighed 198 pounds and I’m only 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Irene suggested I might have emotional food cravings, which I didn’t believe for a second. I thought my cravings were because I just loved food too much.

All I wanted was an eating plan. When we sat down to create my plan, she talked to me about a way of eating that wasn’t a diet or a plan, and to only eat foods I really like. This was a huge relief because there’s lots of vegetables I don’t like and I wouldn’t have to eat them.

When Irene told me I should still eat foods I craved, like potato chips, I told her there was no way I was going to eat them at all. I was so determined to lose the weight, I was actually convinced I wouldn’t get any more food cravings.  → 

Brenda After The Weight Loss

Brenda Before The Weight Loss

Brenda Before The Weight Loss


 When I set my mind to something, I usually do it. In the first week I lost a few pounds and was thrilled, so I became super focused on losing the weight. About a year later, I’d dropped down to 125 pounds. 

But then when I wasn’t focused on losing the weight, which had occupied a lot of my time, I started to have food cravings for sweets and chips again. It scared me until Irene helped me work those into my eating, so I don’t feel deprived.

And she introduced me to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques for weight loss. Tapping for weight loss is an easier name for me to remember and it’s helped me figure out what my emotional food cravings are about.

Irene is a great weight loss coach and she has helped me so much. My blood sugar is normal now and the doctor said I no longer need pills for high cholesterol. I am much happier now. It’s been four years since I lost the weight and I still weigh 125 pounds. I know what I learned will help me keep the weight off.

Brenda J

More Success Stories

Here's what a couple of my clients have to say:

 When I first started working with Irene Jorgensen, I’d already lost 65 pounds, but was afraid I’d start putting the weight back on because of all the food cravings, especially for potato chips, I was still getting.

In our first session, Irene talked to me about emotional overeating, but what I really wanted was a healthy eating menu to keep me on track, so we started with that. I was thrilled when Irene told me I needed to increase my starch intake. I’m actually eating potatoes a lot more and a sandwich as a snack daily, and not gaining weight.

Then one week, I started feeling really thick around my middle and all I wanted to do was eat. I thought I should be cutting back on starch and when I told Irene that, she suggested there might be another reason. By the end of our session, the thick feeling was gone and I’d tapped into a layer of emotions I hadn’t realized I was pushing away. It was such a relief because I didn’t know how to deal with the thick heavy feeling in my stomach, but those emotions I knew what to do with. Feel them. And it wasn’t like those feelings were horrible, it was just me trying to always trying to look on the bright side and ignoring the not so bright side.

We’re taught to always try to feel good and positive, but I’ve learned that not allowing myself to feel sad or angry is when I want to eat. There are other reasons too which Irene is helping me with. Like how some of my favourite foods are linked to emotions and not just the painful ones.

Irene Jorgensen has a wealth of knowledge and I’m amazed at how often she can pinpoint exactly what I’m feeling because she’s been there herself. I feel much more confident I won’t gain the weight back.

Irene—many thanks for what you have done for me—what a gift!



 “When it comes to wellness and nutrition, I know what to do.  However, I didn’t understand WHY I didn’t want to do what I KNOW I should be doing.  Something was holding me back and I have been seeking an answer through various sources for almost six months – books, articles, videos and even therapy.  Working with Irene, I was able to get to the root of the problem in ONE SESSION and it was something that never would have occurred to me – yet it makes perfect sense.  Irene is the real deal and her knowledge and experience in EFT is phenomenal.  I’m already referring clients to her.”  

Kelly O’Neil