Clear Your Cravings

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

Diet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment CoachDiet-Free Weight Loss & Empowerment Coach

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This Book Contradicts Most Of Whatever You've Ever Read About How To Lose Weight.

  There are so many rules around what you should eat and what you shouldn’t eat – rules even the alleged experts can’t agree on.  It’s overwhelming, confusing and frustrating.

How many years have you spent trying to follow the rules of one diet or
another in your attempts to lose weight and keep it off?  

I was once lost in the diet-crave-binge cycle where I tried everything. Fasting. Low calorie diets. Low fat diets. Low carb diets. I even went to university to become a nutritionist where I learned how to create healthy eating plans. But the bingeing didn't stop.  The cravings for chips and dips did not go away. 

In the over twenty years, it took to become a food cravings expert, I learned many things along the way, not the least of which is, when I deprive myself of the foods I love, I will always binge on them. Always

Diet-Free Eating Guideline #3 Is A Game Changer

Or so, my clients say. It was a game changer for me too. 

Inside this book filled with personal and client stories, you'll discover:

  • The 3 Secrets To Diet-Free Weight Loss that have nothing to do with exercise, or what you should eat, or what you shouldn't eat. (At least, not in the way you think.)
  • The 7 Dangerous Traps many dieters fall into that keeps them forever struggling with their weight and what to do to avoid them.
  • The 5 Diet-Free Guidelines to clear your cravings and lose weight without giving up any of the foods you love. (Just doing Guideline #4, you will lose the weigh.)

I believe eating all the foods you love is the best way to live angst-free around food, lose weight and keep it off. 

Reviews Fpr Clear Your Cravings Book


A Fresh Look! Now I know why I have failed so many times at weight loss!

 Wow!!! I thought I had read everything possible about weight loss......but this book is really different. It is empowering and presents such a fresh new look at this very sensitive topic! I have failed so many times. Now I know why!! You gave me new hope!! Awesome book!  


The best book on the subject ever!!! Thank you, Irene, you totally get me! It felt as if you were me... Thanks a million!  

Brilliant and conversational!

This book really gets to the heart of cravings, what causes them, and how to mitigate those causes. It is obvious that Irene does not just dispense advice from an experts view, but continues to walk the walk.

I really love all of the examples from the author's own life, and those of her clients. It was so easy to identify with them and made me feel like Irene really understood my journey, my frustrations and my struggles. I am excited to see where the Diet-free lifestyle takes me!  

Enjoy your favorites and still control your weight

Irene has a beautiful flow of stories that make reading about weight management a pleasure. She guides you like a best friend would. And the best friend who is honest, not just telling you what you want to hear. She makes the honest truth easy to swallow but more important fun to hear. Love this book! 

Funny and supportive - I felt like I was spending...

This book is a breath of fresh air. The writing style is personal, funny and supportive - I felt like I was spending time with an old friend while I was reading it. The author makes it alright to be struggling with food, and provides so many tips to achieve your goals. Realizing that I was not alone in my dieting experiences, and that I had permission to listen to my body, was such a relief. The book delves into a combination of nutritional, physical, and emotional aspects of eating that provides a unique, well-rounded approach to weight management.  

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