Love Halloween Treats? A Quick Cravings Tip To Eat Them Without Gaining Weight!

★To gain one pound of fat, you’d have to eat 58 Halloween chocolate bars in one sitting. Or you’d have to eat 38 bags of Halloween chips in one sitting★

Because it takes eating 3500 calories of EXTRA food–food your body doesn’t need–to gain one pound of body fat.

Want to enjoy the Halloween treats you love without gaining weight?

If you give yourself permission to eat one or two of your favourite Halloween treats every day until Halloween AND—this is IMPORTANT—every day after Halloween (until you no longer feel like it); you will not gain weight from those Halloween treats.

Why is it important to give yourself permission to eat them after Halloween?

Because when we fall into the dangerous trap of setting a cut-off date to stop eating the foods we love–i.e. I’ll stop eating this the day after Halloween–it often triggers a binge the day before the cut-off date. For some of us, it triggers many binges, on the days leading up to the cut-off day.

In the past, when I was going to start my diet on a Monday, I always started about 3 pounds heavier because of all the foods I’d eat on the weekend that I was about to give up on the Monday.

(There are seven dangerous traps when it comes to struggling with weight, which I outline in my book Clear Your Cravings: 3 Secrets To Diet-Free Weight Loss (It’s Not What You Think). If you’d like to learn about these traps and what to do to avoid them, you can find the links on my website to buy my book at Amazon or Kobo. )

When we reach for what we think is a forbidden food, we don’t give ourselves total permission to eat and enjoy the food. We think we are, because we’re eating the food. But are you eating it without any mental qualifiers? Mental qualifiers are thoughts.

Thoughts like; “I shouldn’t be eating this,” or, “Okay, just this once,” or, “I’ll get back on my diet tomorrow (or Monday—or after Halloween}.” These thoughts, these mental qualifiers, often trigger you to eat more, and may even trigger a binge.

And instead of eating just 1 or 2 pieces of Halloween treats, we stuff ourselves, or we think something like, Well, I’ve blown it now, I might as well stop and eat a whole pizza on the way home from work.

This bears repeating. It takes eating 3500 calories of EXTRA food–food your body doesn’t need–to gain one pound of body fat.

(If you gain a pound overnight, unless you ate 3500 calories of food the day before–above and beyond what your body needs–then it’s not a pound of fat, it’s water retention or you need to go to the bathroom. At any given time, our body can fluctuate 2-3 pounds because of water and bowel retention.)

I took a picture of some Halloween treats when I was shopping the other day. And I checked out the calories.

The chocolate bars have 40-60 calories (depending on the type). Each small bag of potato chips has 90 calories.

This also bears repeating.

★To gain one pound, you’d have to eat 58 of those Halloween chocolate bars in one sitting. Or you’d have to eat 38 bags of those little bags of chips in one sitting★

However, if you;

☑save some room and eat 1 or 2 every day (meaning don’t eat when you’re not hungry)

☑sit back and enjoy it (preferably at the time of day you most want it)

☑pay attention while eating (when you don’t pay attention, it can feel like you didn’t eat anything)

☑savour every bite (feel the smoothness of the chocolate, the crunch of chips, taste the flavour)

☑give yourself total permission to eat another one or two tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow, and the day after that, and the day after…(well, you get the picture)

Let’s say you like both chocolate and chips →  60 + 90 = 150 calories. Saving some of your hunger for these treats will help make you feel like you’re not depriving yourself. (Depriving myself always caused me to binge–does this sound familiar?)

Weight gain happens when you eat food (any food–even healthy food) when you’re not hungry, or you keep eating food past the point of physical stomach satisfaction.

It’s much easier to stop eating a food when you give yourself permission to eat it again. However, if in the first days, you end up eating several bars of chocolate, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don’t punish yourself by denying yourself the pleasure of these foods. Think of it as a learning curve. It gets easier.

(Unless emotional food cravings kick in. If you think you get hit with emotional food cravings, please feel free to email me at to book a complimentary clarity session.)

Here’s to eating a Halloween treat or two every day with gusto (and without gaining weight)!

Irene Jorgensen

Posted on Friday October 13, 2017

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