Skip The Vegetables At Thanksgiving; A Quick Cravings Tip

Happy Thanksgiving Canada!  Want to go radical this year?

Tired of suggestions like; fill your plate with vegetables and only eat a sliver of dessert? Or bring a “healthy” dessert as your contribution so you can avoid the super delicious dessert.

We often eat too much at Thanksgiving because we’re eating some foods that are usually only served at Thanksgiving (maybe Christmas too). The problem is all that extra food is stored as fat, and we feel stuffed which is not a comfortable feeling (at least not for me).

If you celebrate Thanksgiving and would like to enjoy every bite of your dinner without feeling stuffed after you eat, then I suggest the following:

1)  Skip the vegetables unless you LOVE them and are looking forward to them. Skip any part of the meal you don’t LOVE, especially if it’s something you eat, or can easily eat, on a regular basis.

2) Take a minute to survey the spread of food. Which foods do you really want to eat? Turkey? Stuffing? Gravy? Mashed Potatoes (which by the way are vegetables–if you don’t believe me, google it), Pumpkin Pie?

What do you really love? Which food do you want the most?

3) Eat ONLY the foods you LOVE. The food you want the most should be the biggest portion. (This includes pumpkin pie).

4) As you’re eating—eat with the intention that for a special meal this way of eating is totally okay. Pay attention to thoughts you might have like: I shouldn’t be eating these foods; I’ll get back on my diet tomorrow; I’ve blown it now, so I might as well just keep eating.

These thoughts can trigger us to overeat because part of us is afraid of the upcoming deprivation that always happens on a diet (so I suggest not dieting–but that’s a whole other topic.) When you notice those thoughts change it to one thought; it’s okay to only eat what I love at this special meal. (And if you need to, you can add, “because a nutritionist and food cravings expert told me so.”)

5) Now here’s the part that might get tricky—Stop eating when your stomach just starts to feel full. It’ll be much easier to do this if you follow the above 4 steps. (And if you can eat leftovers the very next day.) When you eat past the point of physical stomach satisfaction, any extra food–even healthy food–will be stored as fat.

Holiday meals with family can trigger overeating for many reasons.

a) Sometimes it’s super yummy food you ate as a child and is only served at special gatherings.

b) Sometimes food and fun are linked together.

c) Sometimes there are unresolved family issues (you’re still hurt or angry about something) and extra food is a great way to keep those feelings stuffed down. After all, who wants to ruin Thanksgiving dinner causing a scene?

I offer solutions to all the above. If you’d like to explore this further, email me so we can set up an over-the-phone complimentary clarity session.

Here’s to eating only stuffing with gravy and pumpkin pie–or whatever you love!


Posted October 7, 2017


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