Why I Wrote This Book

When I started dieting in my early twenties, it created a love-hate relationship with food that lasted for more than thirty years. Starting with that first fast, I became more engaged with food than with the rest of my life.

Sometimes I craved a particular food so powerfully, I’d have barreled over anything or anyone to satiate that craving.

Sometimes the craving for food was so subtle I didn’t feel it. At social events when food appeared, I’d nibble even though I wasn’t hungry, and it didn’t feel like I had a craving. Sometimes at meals I’d keep eating what was in front of me until I felt stuffed, even though I didn’t crave a particular food.

Although it doesn’t involve a craving for a particular food, overeating on any food is a food craving—simply because it is a craving for food.

Not everyone with extra pounds struggles with craving food and wants to lose weight. And conversely, not everyone who by all accounts is slim goes through life never struggling with food cravings.

I wrote this book for the people who are tired of dieting and of the never-ending struggle with food. If you are reading it, I assume you want to lose weight, or that you lose weight but struggle to keep it off.

In this book, I share my thirty-plus year journey of me living through the anguish— and coming out the other side—of the diet-crave-binge cycle. This is what I speak about. It is what I teach.

I wrote in this book what I wish I had the time and courage to say when I hear a woman utter some version of “I’m on a diet” or “I’m starting my diet tomorrow.”

It’s what I wish I had the time and courage to say every time a woman eats a chicken breast and salad, and explains, “I’m addicted to carbs,” or “I’m cutting out carbs.”

It’s what I wish I had the time and courage to say every time a woman reaches for dessert and says, “I know I shouldn’t be eating this, but…”

That’s not to say that men don’t struggle with food cravings. They do. But I rarely hear them talk about it.

Chances are you’ve had limited dieting success or you wouldn’t be reading this book now.

If you’re like me and countless others, you’ve dieted and programmed, you’ve weight-watched and maybe even hung out with Jenny. But now you’re back, looking for the next thing, the right thing, and the final thing.

You might know how to lose the weight, but keeping it off, well…that’s another story.

In Clear Your Cravings I show people who are fed up with dieting and who struggle with food cravings how to move to a diet-free lifestyle, how to lose weight and how to keep it off, without giving up any of the foods they love.

If this sounds too good to be true, I promise I will show you how, so stick with me. I hope this book will inspire you to start on your own journey to clear your food cravings, not just to lose those extra pounds—but so you too can stop the anguish of a life that revolves around the conflict of both loving and hating food.

So you too can rediscover the pleasure of eating without the guilt.

So you too can engage with life more often than with food.

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