Your “Healthy” Snack May = Potato Chips

About a year ago, a few of my friends and I got together for a potluck lunch where one of the women pulled out a bag of vegetable chips and told us they were a healthy chip.

And yet the calories and fat were almost the same as my favourite potato chips. (By the way, potatoes are vegetables too, but these vegetable chips were a mixture of beet and green vegetable chips).

★ 50 grams of the Vegetable Chips had 264 calories and 16 grams of fat ★

★ 50 grams of Miss Vickie’s Potato Chips has 270 calories and 16 grams of fat ★

Hmmm. Only six calories difference and the same amount of fat between “healthier” vegetable chips and kettle cooked potato chips. This got me curious.

The next time I went to the grocery store I compared a few products. What I found the most interesting is that 50 grams of Smart popcorn had slightly more calories and slightly more fat than 50 grams of Miss Vickie’s potato chips. (And no Miss Vickie’s is not paying me to promote their potato chips—they happen to be my favourite chip).

This got me thinking about how many people are forgoing their favourite, most pleasure-inducing snack food for a food they think is healthier, when in fact it might not be.

The popcorn does have more fibre. And fibre is good for you. And if eating a snack higher in fibre gives you great pleasure, then go for it.

(Diet-free weight loss is not about just eating healthy. It also includes incorporating pleasure foods into your eating. Pleasure foods are those foods you eat just for the pure pleasure of it, those foods you love, those foods you think you have to give up to lose weight. Those foods you usually end up bingeing on. You may need help incorporating them into your eating and if you’d like to chat with me about this, please email me at to set up a complimentary clarity session.)

However, if it’s another pleasure food that you really want, then choose it over the small differences in health benefits. And if you’re thinking, “I really need fibre, but I really want potato chips,” then eat a high fibre food at lunch or dinner like ½ cup of green peas (4 grams of fibre) and have some potato chips.

Just a note about volume of food. Fifty grams of popcorn (3 cups) has more volume than fifty grams of potato chips (2 cups). Choosing a food you like just because of the volume instead of a pleasure food you love can often lead to a binge.

If you missed my last post about what happened when I tried to substitute pretzels for potato chips, click here read it.

If you love Smart popcorn, then choose it. If you don’t, choose what you love—it’ll help prevent mental food cravings. Or if you love Smart popcorn and other salty snacks, check in with yourself as to what you really want at a particular time.

Reminder–it’s the amount of food you eat that puts on the weight, not the type of food.

Here’s to avoiding all the binge traps!

Irene Jorgensen

P.S. If you’re struggling to lose weight, there are 3 distinct types of cravings that cause bingeing. I write about these types of cravings and how to avoid them in my book The 3 Secrets To Diet-Free Weight Loss (It’s Not What You Think). I invite you to go to my website and download the first chapter (it’s actually the first 3 chapters) for FREE!


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